Demand for affordable living to increase as Granite State population gets older

A recent studyabout the health of aging adults found that New Hampshire has the second oldest median age in the United States, with more that 20% of residents over 60 years old – and the Granite State is to continue aging, as the over-65 population is expected to outnumber the below-18 population by 2035. These demographic changes and an increasingly tighter real estate market are contributing to a shortage of affordable housing in New Hampshire, according to an article explaining why houses keep getting more expensive. And this is true not only for young adults, who are struggling to afford living in New Hampshire, but also to seniors who are looking to move into smaller houses that are eas

Laconia Housing is striving to offer housing to meet the needs of the Lakes Region and New Hampshire

New Hampshire is changing- and affordable housing is one of the greatest challenges we face today. Today the state is dealing with growing affordable housing shortage. The current housing supply does not align with future demand. New Hampshire has an aging population, a trend that is more pronounced in Laconia. As more people seek smaller units, with access to service – the state is facing an acute shortage, according to a 2014 NHHFA study. Older couples need less room, and there are fewer units coming on the market. Laconia Housing has been addressing this growing population needing services for 20 years at Sunrise Tower and the Tavern. Now, to help meet this need, the new Sunrise House w

Finding new ways to help Granite State seniors thrive at Laconia Housing

When Dick Weaver became Executive Director of Laconia Housing six years ago, he thought his job was going to be maintaining the status quo. He quickly realized that New Hampshire was changing, and that Laconia Housing should change to continue providingaffordable housing and support services for seniors and people with disability, in order to promote better life quality for the whole community. Weaver said, “I have made policy changes to bring consistency, stability, and order to the entire process.” Specifically, he restructured the financing and the raising of capital to improve and update all the existing Laconia Housing properties. To make things easier for prospective tenants, he made

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