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Open Board Position


Laconia Housing would like to invite you to apply for our open board member position! We have an available position on our five-member board team.

The Laconia Housing Board’s continuing goal is to create the best possible housing and support environment for our city’s residents.

Prospective board member candidates who are interested must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be a City of Laconia resident

  • Have an interest in addressing low-income housing issues.

  • Be able to attend one meeting per month. Meetings are scheduled every third Thursday for 1-2 hours. The prospective candidate would attend approximately 2 or 3 community events throughout the year if called upon.  

  • To complement current Board make up we are looking for a person who has background in one or more of the following fields; City involvement, support service, social service   mental health, healthcare administration, city administration   

  • If needed; we’ll train you to become a successful board member, taking into consideration the skills and interests you bring to the table already. You’ll be fully supported by the other members of our team. 

  • Our Agency staff will take care of the Board paperwork for you - monthly reporting, financial reports, board minutes resolutions etc.


About Laconia Housing

We are a property management company and a home health agency with a heart. We have a dedicated, caring staff who put our residents first. We provide comprehensive housing and support services for people of need in order to promote and enhance a better way of life for the whole community. We also work with housing voucher holders and area landlords. 

Laconia Housing was established in 1950 by a vote of the Laconia City Council.  Utilizing federal government programs, Laconia Housing offers subsidized housing through the properties they own. The program also manages multiple partnerships and administers subsidized housing vouchers in the Laconia area.

Today, Laconia Housing provides housing opportunities for nearly 2,000 area residents, including the elderly, disabled, working families, and professionals. The nonprofit organization is overseen by a Board of Commissioners who are appointed by the Laconia City Manager to serve five-year terms.

Laconia Housing provides housing opportunities for over 700 households/families (nearly 2,000 people) including:

  • 7 Lakes Region properties - 334 Low and Moderate income housing unit in and around the city of Laconia (population - seniors, disabled and family units)  

  • 407 Housing Choice Vouchers (formerly Section 8).

  • To meet the growing demand for support services to keep individuals independent, Laconia Housing provides seniors and disabled eligible tenants with support services through the Laconia Housing Home Health Agency, which provides nursing services and personal care, and the Choices for Independence (CFI) program, which provides support services for independent living.


Interested in applying to become a Laconia Housing Board member please let us know.

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