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2022 Agency Updates

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Our Agency has been busy starting the new fiscal year. We have been working directly on addressing affordable housing access in the region by purchasing or developing properties. Laconia Housing partnered with New Hampshire Regional Community Development Corporation (NHRCDC) to purchase 13 Summer Street in Laconia. The purchase enabled the agency to secure affordable housing utilizing the Housing Choice Voucher Program for 6 tenants currently living on the property.

13 Summer Street
13 Summer Street

13 Summer Street in Laconia, we are exploring plans to renovate the property and adding 2 additional 1-bedroom units which will bring the building to 8 affordable units. The purchase was able to secure affordable housing for 6 tenants currently living on the property.

395 South Main Street
395 South Main Street

Laconia Housing has also purchased 395 South Main Street behind our Sunrise House Property. This property is a 4 unit office building which we will be renovating to 4 units of affordable housing within the next six months.

57 Blueberry Lane
57 Blueberry Lane

We also are working towards a new 12 unit development in the open space at the Perley Pond community, 57 Blueberry Lane. The single story has 12-1 bedroom units will be new affordable housing opportunities for the area. Our plan is to have units available in early 2024 for occupancy.

Our agency is working aggressively to provide new opportunities to the area for affordable housing. The limited housing vacancies we are experiencing is in this area and nationwide. This Agency objective is brought on directly from our mission to provide comprehensive housing and support services for people of need in order to promote and enhance a better way of life for the whole community. We will ensure that we will adjust our staffing needs to take on the new properties going forward as well. There is a maintenance position open currently on Indeed and the website.

I want to thank the staff operations from Maintenance, Housing, Support Services and Administration who continue the hard work on these projects to get us where we are to help the community address the limited affordable housing market at this time. Additionally, I want to thank our Board Members for their strategic insight, as well as our fiscal partners at NHFFEA and Meredith Village Savings.

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