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Our Laconia Sunrise House Project

Laconia Housing has invested in our community for more than 60 years – offering affordable housing and services to local residents – including our seniors and working families. In addition to the housing Laconia Housing owns and manages, we provide rental subsidies to local landlords that allow our residents to live in privately owned apartments. We love Laconia – and we know that many families who have been here for generations might be forced to leave if they could not find safe, well serviced housing for senior family members.

Our goal with the Sunrise House Project is clear – make a significant investment in our downtown core, rehab a vacant and outdated commercial building, and offer senior housing complimented by the services that we already offer next door at Sunrise Towers. This project will maintain the tax base, help seniors who have lived their whole lives in the Laconia area, and help keep families in our city.

Sunrise House will provide 18 fully accessible units that are not generally available to seniors in the private rental market. An elevator will provide tenant and guest access to all units. Each bathroom will provide full mobility for wheelchairs and half of the showers will be roll-in accessible. The in-home services provided will allow the seniors to remain independent without burdening family members.

We know that, like the rest of the state, Laconia is aging – and that many families need the type of housing we are offering. We provide comprehensive housing and support services for people of need in order to promote and enhance a better way of life for the whole community.

Laconia Housing is an integral component of the Lakes Region Community by providing a peaceful, safe, and comfortable environment for all residents to live, work, and grow.

These are our neighbors, good folks who have lived and worked their whole lives around our city. We know there is demand for senior housing, and we know how important it is to our community. We believe that this is an investment in our downtown, in our rental and real estate market, and in the continued vitality of Laconia. We look forward to further engaging the public this summer on this project – and we refer folks to our website for more information about who we are, and what we do for the community.

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