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Building a Sustainable Community for Aging in the Lakes Region

Upcoming discussion addresses ways to meet the needs of New Hampshire’s changing population

LACONIA, N.H. – New Hampshire residents are living longer, healthier lives and are more active than ever before. These residents appreciate the recreational and cultural amenities the state has to offer, yet are also looking for communities where they can find the care and infrastructure they need as they grow older. A discussion on May 15 at the Taylor Community in Laconia will focus on these shifts and ways cities and towns can develop policies that create communities that are stable as they age.

Steve Norton, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies, will speak about the demographic changes facing New Hampshire, as well as the Lakes Region and Laconia, and how these changes can be addressed through public policy, local planning, and other means. New Hampshire is one of the fastest aging states in the nation and Norton will discuss the impacts this can have on communities and their scarce resources. Creative solutions to these issues can be developed through local government decisions and by encouraging an array of public/private partnerships.

The event will be on May 15 from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Elm Room of the Woodside Building at the Taylor Community, located at 435 Union Ave., Laconia. Seating is limited so please RSVP to The event is sponsored by Laconia Housing and the Laconia Area Community Land Trust.

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