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A big "thank you" to our community!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

These are the most challenging of times. And, here at Laconia Housing, where we provide comprehensive housing and support services for people of need to enhance a better way of life for the whole community, we have a lot to be thankful for. So many people and organizations have stepped forward to help our residents and staff.

During events such as the one we are involved in, Laconia Housing has worked with our partners in the Lakes region on a daily basis. But given our current operation and COVID events we are working with each other in a not so business as usual basis. Cooperation coordination and helping hands has been great to see and experience.

There are people and partners we need to acknowledge for providing a helping hand to our agency, tenants and staff. They include:

Store Support

Lowe’s of Tilton and Gilford (for PPE supplies and gardening supplies for tenants)

Working with our Food providers in coordinating tenant food delivery to assist each other during these times:

Fratellos Italian Grille, Water Street Café, South End Pizza, Jon’s Roast Beef

Sysco foods and Hannaford in providing the continual supplies going forward that we have come to expect even during these times.

City and State support

• The Laconia Fire Department and Chief Kirk Beattie providing the necessary direction and protocol to assist us in managing our properties,

• Laconia City Manager Scott Myers in providing direction and assistance from the town,

• Wendi Aultman and DHHS contacts for our Choices for Independence program in providing direction for our staff during the COVID event,

• State of NH efforts to get much needed supplies for PPE.

And the many community volunteers who have made masks for our residents and staff. Our staff has shown a lot of giving as well with their individual efforts outside of work.

 Laconia has a generous heart, and that fact is reinforced every day by the generosity of our neighbors — thank you!

Tom Cochran

Executive Director

Laconia Housing

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1 Comment

Karen DePaola
Karen DePaola
Oct 08, 2021

Love thi neighbor is wonderful. GREAT JOB Laconia.......

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