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On moderate income housing in Laconia

Laconia Housing saw the readers interest with letters to the editor addressing the limited access to low to moderate income housing in Laconia.

It is the mission of Laconia Housing to provide comprehensive low income housing and support services for people of need in order to promote and enhance a better way of life for the whole community. It is the vision of our agency to become an integral component of the Lakes Region Community by providing an affordable, peaceful, safe, independent and comfortable environment for all residents to live, work, and grow.

Our agency provides roughly 6% of the housing in Laconia for our city residents. We have a strategic plan in place to work with all housing partners, the city, and funders including grants and financing institutions, support service agencies to review opportunities to increase housing availability for low income housing residents in the Lakes Region.

Belknap County economic trending data point to similar levels of high occupancy rates we are experiencing in our city to continue thus putting increased pressure on our residents of need to find housing.

One property noted in a letter to the editor was Sunrise House located on our Sunrise Residential Living campus at the corner of Union Avenue and South Main Street.

Sunrise House, a 16 unit property provides Seniors 12 units of support service care with subsidized rent for Medicaid eligible tenants and 4 market rent units to meet the needs of moderate income tenants who require support services in the 16-unit property.

The Support services for Medicaid eligible seniors provided (LNA, Housekeeping, Laundry Nursing and food service etc.) receives funding thru the NH Choice for Independence (CFI) program . Additionally, the Sunrise Residential Living campus provides the tenants an opportunity to be involved in community activities as well.

The Sunrise House market rent with support services included (housekeeping, laundry, and other amenities) is $1,650 for 2 bedrooms and $1,350 for 1 bedroom. The basis of the housing rent included in the monthly fee is to be in line with market rates.

The Sunrise House property was one such property where we, with our funding institutions, turned a lesser used commercial space into a senior resident support service facility adding 16 rental units for the city's senior residents.

We will continue to seek additional opportunities with our partners going forward to meet the needs of our Laconia /Lakes Region residents from a low income housing perspective. Please reach out to us if you have any questions on the properties we own and manage in our area.

Thank you for this space to address Laconia's housing concerns together and we appreciate the opportunity to serve this city.

Thomas Cochran

Executive Director

Laconia Housing

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