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How one resident went from working in a Laconia factory to living in the same building

Kenneth Maheux went from working in a Laconia factory to living in the same building. We will tell you the story.

Kenneth is 53 years old and has lived all of his life in Laconia. Back in the day, he used to work at Scott & Williams Factory, in the exact same place where now Normandin Square Apartments are. He lives on the second floor with his wife and his best friend lives on the fourth. The high ceilings are still the same, but life is different.

Born and raised in Laconia, Kenneth feels lucky enough to have an apartment with Laconia Housing. Both he and his wife live on disability and it would be impossible to afford a place of their own. Besides that, the apartment is close to everything. His mother-in-law lives nearby and his stepson visits often with his five kids.

During the day he walks his little dog, goes shopping or fishing. He used to go fishing with his dad when he was a kid and it is something he never stopped doing.

Kenneth believes Laconia Housing has been helping the community for a long time. They helped him stay in his hometown, be near his family, and that makes life a bit easier.

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