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Laconia Housing in the Community

Laconia Housing brings in $6 million in revenue to the region every year.

  • Paying more than $1,190,000 annually to 40 staff with health insurance and retirement benefits for full time employees.

  • Contributing more than $148,000 directly in property taxes to the City each year: $131,000 from housing facilities; $17,000 from cell tower leases at Sunrise Towers.

  • Cutting $2,560,000 in checks to private landlords each year for rent subsidies ($2 million in Laconia).

We provide families and elderly residents with safe affordable housing.

  • We own and manage 311 dwelling units (243 in Laconia) providing quality affordable housing opportunities to families and individuals that would otherwise be rent burdened or under housed in the private rental market.

  • 72% of the elderly residents we serve in our home health and housing services programs are from Laconia. This relieves these seniors’ local family members of the daily care burden, which allows them greater personal and employment options.

  • Laconia Housing’s Home Health Care Agency provides personal care, health checks, medication management, and limited nursing care services to 30 additional residents through the Medicaid program. The alternative for these seniors is expensive and impersonal nursing home living.

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