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She shares Laconia Housing with the whole family

Peggy Tetreault grew up in Meredith, not far from the Laconia Housing building she lives in now. She moved in with her husband two years ago joining her sister Cathy who was already living there and they all lived on the same floor.

She has been retired since 1994, after working in New York City for many years - a place she is still very fond of. She also worked at Lakes Region Hospital and at local nursing homes. Her husband is disabled, after having spinal surgery but he has improved and even found a job where he is able to work 20 hours a week. Prior to her sister’s recent death, Peggy also helped with her and she keeps busy pitching in to help other residents. With a background in nursing, helping others is what she enjoys.

Puzzles (and big ones, 1,000+ pieces) are a passion. She did the shopping for both her sister and herself and she often cooks her own food but from time to time she goes to the dining room where she says the food is great, especially the salads.

Both she and her husband like living in Laconia Housing. She likes the atmosphere and would rather be there than anyplace else.

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