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From a cabin to Laconia Housing

Steve Patton has been living at Laconia Housing for the past five years. The decision to move from Florida to Weirs Beach was so that his partner could be closer to her family -so they decided to rent a cabin. That was until the day a social worker visited and realized that they were freezing. She promised she would get them into Laconia Housing as soon as she could and she kept her promise. Steve has been there ever since and never went back to the cold cabin.

Steve lives with a supported living program, the CHSP. He receives two meals a day, weekly housekeeping and laundry services, personal care assistance, transportation to local medical appointments and an emergency response system should this be needed.

He first moved in with his partner, but when she passed away last year he came to enjoy the communal way of life.

Though he likes to stick to himself, he has a several friends and usually goes from his third floor apartment to the common area to participate in the social activities offered, including meals and games. He quit Bingo after he was close to winning several times and ended up losing to the ladies. He says they’re sharp!

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