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Purple and Laconia Housing make her smile

Marion Parsons is 89 years old and proud of weighing 100 pounds… excuse her, 102 pounds. She does not like to brag about her weight, though.

She has been living at Laconia Housing since February 2016 and she likes it. She says everyone is very nice to her and she feels comfortable in her apartment.

Marion moved there after her last child was married. Her daughter wanted to sell the house and was also concerned about her mother’s well being living all by herself.

Today, at Sunrise Towers, Marion has a supported living program, called Congregate Housing Services, which provides various support for people who need different levels of assistance with the activities of daily living and are approved for the Program by the Professional Assessment Committee. Marion is eligible to receive two meals daily in a congregate setting, weekly housekeeping and laundry services, personal care assistance, transportation to local medical appointments and an emergency response system should this be needed.

She is still in constant contact with her daughter, who does all the shopping and pays the bills. Marion is the mother of six children.

She used to be a caretaker, but now she needs someone to help take care of her. After her husband passed away, she managed from year to year but suffering from arthritis Marion realized she just could not work anymore.

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