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From Vegas to Laconia Housing

Maureen lived in Las Vegas for 30 years and she still misses it. But at Laconia Housing she gets the support she needs. Maureen had spinal surgery in 1997 and continues to have problems related to her back. Maureen is happy to have the support that Laconia Housing provides. She cannot live alone and she cannot stand long enough to accomplish most tasks.

The family she had in Las Vegas had mostly moved away so her doctors advised her it would be better to live somewhere closer to family. She put her health and her life first and made the decision to leave the desert to come to Laconia. Today, she is closer to her daughter, who is a nurse.

At Laconia Housing she is eligible to receive a supported living program, the CHSP, which includes two meals daily in a congregate setting, weekly housekeeping and laundry services, personal care assistance, transportation to local medical appointments, and an emergency response system (if needed).

At 74 she is still making friends at Laconia Housing and playing Bingo for nickels.

She is happy to be alive and she is extremely thankful to be living in the Sunrise Towers because it has saved her from “being six feet under.”

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