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Fifteen years at Laconia Housing and young at heart

Jim is turning 90-years old on September 22nd, though he looks much younger. He has been living at Laconia Housing for the past 15 years. He read about Laconia one day, started to investigate, liked what he found and eventually moved in.

He considers himself a quiet and laid back person and has two daughters and a son.

He firmly believes that as people age they need to continue using their brains and keep an open mind - and he accomplishes this by listening to history and science books on tape, two subjects he is very interested in.

After working at several jobs Jim retired. He worked at the fire department where he became assistant chief. And years ago he built his own house. One of Jim’s favorite experiences was when he marched down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House to meet President Eisenhower. Unfortunately the president had been called away and couldn’t meet him, but it’s still a very fond memory.

Jim has made friends at Laconia Housing, but one in particular is special - Catherine who lives on the same floor as he does. Jim calls Catherine each morning to wish her a good day and in the evening to wish her a good night.

Fortunately, Jim has no health issues other than his hearing. He does not think about moving, he couldn’t afford it plus and plus he really enjoys riding his scooter around Laconia (until the batteries run out).

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