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Laconia Housing offers affordable living for seniors in New Hampshire

The population of senior citizens is on a dramatic rise in the Granite State. Today, more people need help with daily activities as they age. Seniors need affordable living spaces with access to care services. Laconia Housing provides both services and affordable housing while also making resident independence a priority.

Want to know if you or a loved one qualifies? Need help for yourself or a loved one in the process of becoming a tenant? A Laconia Housing staff member is available to help you every step of the way. They will help with the application, moving in, modifications to the apartment, and securing services.

Julie Partridge, RSC/FSSC /Inspection Specialist says, “We recognize that not everyone has a support network and we provide that.” Partridge explained that when she does inspections she doesn’t just go up and say you need to do X, Y, and Z. If a tenant needs help decluttering she will physically get in there and help. Partridge says, “We have found that instead of bringing in a new face it works better to have someone who the tenant is already familiar with to help.” She also added, “We put ourselves in our tenants' shoes; we give them emotional support as well..”

Laconia Housing has made it their mission to provide affordable housing for seniors; helping them maintain their independence while providing them with the services they need. They offer many options in downtown Laconia: Sunrise Towers and Tavern Inn Apartmentsfor seniors 62 and over and adults with disabilities, and their newest property Sunrise House, opening this fall, for people meeting the same criteria.

Kelly McAdam, Housing Director, describes the workings of the Laconia Housing Office, she said, “ We put a lot into customer service. This is a whole support services program. If someone is coming from a nursing home and they don’t have any furniture .. we help to make that happen. We help with hoarding. We go the extra mile to help our residents help themselves.”

Michael Morrison, a resident of Sunrise Towers said, “I have been really impressed with maintenance and the staff’s willingness to work with me.” He said they really helped customize his space for him. “Staff has been wonderful here. I have never lived in an apartment complex where the staff has been willing to modify the space, I didn't have to worry, nothing extra was added to my bill.”

Morrison also said, “Accessibility is different for everyone and they are willing to adapt it to the person. Accessible and ADA doesn’t always mean the best for everyone. Things can be up to code but not necessarily accessible for me. Maintenance staff and staff, in general, listen. They trust that I know what I need and what is right for me, and they listen.”

Laconia Housing provides comprehensive affordable housing and support services for seniors and people of need, in order to promote and enhance a better quality of life for the whole community.

Sunrise House will feature:

  • 16 fully accessible units: 14 one bedroom apartments, 400+/- sf.; 2 two BR apartments, 800 +/- sf.

  • A mixed income project where four rental units will be available to moderate income households.

  • An elevator will provide tenant and guest access to all units and common rooms.

  • Each bathroom will provide full mobility for wheelchairs.

  • The in-home services provided will allow the seniors to remain independent but with easy access to family members.

  • All units have roll-in showers; 50% of which are large enough for a wheelchair and a personal assistant.

  • Kitchens include sink, refrigerator, cooktop, and microwave oven.

  • Common room on each floor for socialization opportunities.

  • Dining room on ground floor.

  • Laundry facilities on ground floor.

  • Fully air-conditioned/climate controlled building

Now booking, call 603-737-2232.

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